Our Society Responsibility Promise

¿What is RSE for PLASAL?

PLASAL understands Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a series of actions that are integral to the brand’s strategic vision, where social and environmental considerations are part of the company’s decisions, approached responsibly and ethically.

With this approach, the brand aims to minimize the environmental impact of its production processes and ensure fair labor conditions. It also focuses on supporting the community and contributing to sustainable development throughout the value chain, thereby aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.


Economic, Social, and Sectoral Development

PLASAL strongly believes in contributing to the comprehensive development of the country and the region. Our focus is on reducing poverty and generating economic growth through sustainable and inclusive industrial development. We are committed to technological innovation and expanding our industrial infrastructure in our area of expertise, which is the manufacturing of flexible packaging made from high and low-density Polyethylene. All of this is underpinned by our investment in our most valuable asset – ‘OUR PEOPLE’.

1. PLASAL actively participates in the Salvadoran Association of the Plastic Industry (ASIPLASTIC) and FUNDEPLAST. Since 2008, in coordination with the Salvadoran Institute of Professional Training (INSAFORP), we have adopted the Certification Model of Technical Standards for Labor Competencies in the Plastic Industry. To date, this initiative has enabled us to specialize over 500 workers in injection molding, container blowing, flexographic printing, and film extrusion.

2. PLASAL contributes to the country by creating dignified, safe, and inclusive employment opportunities. We focus on attracting young individuals who are eager to work, offering them stable jobs with prospects for growth. These opportunities are not limited to participants of the FUNDEPLAST initiative; PLASAL also has its own job portal, where various job openings are regularly posted.

3. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and in developing our company’s most valuable asset, PLASAL focuses on career development plans for our team members. We manage models of ongoing training where each individual can harness and enhance their skills and competencies.

4. PLASAL strongly believes in inclusivity, training both male and female employees, and creating various job opportunities in administrative, operational, logistical, and other areas for young women entering the industrial sector.

In Latin America, it’s not traditional for women to participate as operators of industrial machinery, but at PLASAL, we have full confidence in their abilities.

5. PLASAL is well aware of each and every need of its employees. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, every month, company employees receive a basic grocery basket as part of their employment benefits. This is done with the full intention of contributing to the family well-being of our staff.

Health, Well-being, and Occupational Safety

PLASAL encourages all its team members to lead a healthy and wholesome life, where good health habits are combined with safety practices in their company activities. It’s always important to remember that a happy and healthy employee is a vital pillar in the development and growth of the company.

We are committed to maintaining general health checks, eye health, and providing ongoing training to prevent workplace risks and accidents.

1. PLASAL supports its team members with visual health campaigns. We promote ensuring that everyone has access to what they need for good vision.

2. PLASAL promotes training sessions for accident prevention and occupational safety and hygiene management in offices and plants.

This is aimed at ensuring the safety of our team members by raising awareness and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, and Shared Responsibility in Waste Disposal

PLASAL firmly believes in contributing to the conservation of natural resources and the environment by leveraging renewable and sustainable energy. This aligns with our vision to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from industrial activities.

Furthermore, we support the collection of solid waste through national campaigns to prevent it from reaching natural habitats and water bodies, thereby mitigating risks to human health and animal life.

Lastly, we aim to make a significant impact through our active participation in the ECO AMIGOS DEL PLASTICO initiative driven by the ASIPLASTIC sector guild. This involves focusing on education, culture, and shared human responsibility for the proper disposal of waste.

1. PLASAL has made a significant investment in renewable energies, taking the initiative to invest in a photovoltaic system across all its facilities. This system is capable of generating a power of 1.0 MW and reduces carbon emissions by 514.14 tons per year.

2. PLASAL is aware of the need to effectively develop circular economies. We invest in reducing material waste in our production processes and also in the possibility of collecting material for a recycling process. This approach aims to reduce the amount of material disposed of irresponsibly.

3. As a part of ASIPLASTIC, PLASAL actively participates in the ECO AMIGOS DEL PLASTICO initiative, which aims to raise awareness about the responsible disposal of solid waste, a duty that falls on everyone. In addition, PLASAL engages in campaigns for collecting solid waste on beaches and rivers, tree planting, and other activities.

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